child benefit form-how long to wait?

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MrsDraper Posts: 146
I had a baby 2 weeks ago & the birth was registered in hospital. I gather from citizens advice website that a form will be posted out for my signature & bank account details to get child benefit. Just wondering if anyone knows how long before they send me the form?
meemee Posts: 121
Mrs draper If I'm not mistaken the form the hospital sent is for baby's pps number. When you go to register baby for birth cert this is when they'll be registered for child benefit. Once registered you'll get the form out in a wk or so. At least that's how it worked for me last year. sorry you probably could register birth in the hospital we couldn't we had to go to births, deaths & marriages office it took a wk or so from there.
CherylC Posts: 1071
Did you get the birth cert in the hospital? In Holles St (and most hospitals I thought), they send the info to the births, death and marriages registry and then you need to go in to that office yourself and do the full registration and get the birth cert, its at that point that the pps number and the child benefit form gets triggered - usually its only a week or two I think.
newlywed0912 Posts: 734
We had the birth registered in the hospital in cork and it was all automatically done. Id say within a week or two we got the pps number and the child benefit form came aswell. Did you get the birth cert in the hospital? We got it there and then
MrsDraper Posts: 146
Thanks all O-O no we didn't get the actual birth cert in hospital, a woman just turned up at my bedside saying she was here to register the birth...hmm better plan a trip to births, deaths & marriages to kick things off.