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mtv Posts: 935
hi I have tried ringing but I cannot get through without holding for 15 minutes. I am stuck on part 5. Question 9, part (a) are you or your spouse employed in Ireland? I answered yes for me and my spouse. parts (b) (c) (d) are not applicable to us. then I must answer part (e) as i answered Yes in (a) . This is where I am confused: (i) what country?....Ireland (ii) quote your social insurance number? [Is this our pps number?] (iii) date of last payment? [is this the date of our last pay cheque] To me it sounds like it is more relevant to someone from another EU country.
tilsun Posts: 4506
MTV I'm not sure if you made the same mistake as me. I spent ages trying to complete the child benefit form, totally confused by it and like you wondering why it was geared towards foreign nationals. Until I was told that once you register baby's birth in Ireland - the child benefit dept send you a form to sign and that's all you need. We registered DD last week so hoping to get that form soon. So the form I picked up myself was basically only necessary of baby was born outside Ireland
scobette Posts: 1010
As tilsun said they send you a form once you regeister the birth and you have to sign it and then you get paid. The big form which you are filling out really applies to sommeone who has moved into the country and is seeking the payment, so sit tight and you should receive something once you regeister birth hope this helps! :wv
mtv Posts: 935