Child Care.....worried and not sure what to do - Page 2

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babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
[quote="suilegorma":3mulw1dk]Hey ya, As you have been working you could be entitled to job seekers benefit if you leave your job, [/quote:3mulw1dk] but this is for people who are looking for a job, not people who quit a job to take care of their children. OP i know what you mean, we have no.2 on the way and i'm freaking out a bit. i thought about it before getting pregnant but consciously decided to bury my head in the sand. there is no way we can pay for 2 in creche and i really don't want to give up work. i'm self employed and earning very little at the moment but am still hoping (maybe irrationally) that some day things will take off and i know in the long run i would rather be working. we're going to have to look at a childminder, maybe part time, although really would prefer to have them in creche. would part time be an option for you?
kala Posts: 1937
would you not consider getting an aupair- when ds2 came along we had to go this route as we simply couldnt afford to do it any other way.