Child Luncbox Ideas

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fingerscrossedxx Posts: 72
My ds 5 is now at school and I'm finding it difficult to keep a variation going in his lunchbox. School has a very strict healthy eating policy and nothing can contain nuts. They are also not allowed anything that is difficult to open. Ive googled childs lunchbox ideas and everything that comes up is really not very realistic. I mean what child will eat a ceasar salad or a prawn and watercress sambo (anabell karmel ideas!) So has anyone got any good ideas so I can have more a variety in his lunch box? The usual list is - sambo (ham, wont eat chicken on bread), petit folus, cheese string, orange/grape/strawberry mix, digestive biscuit. Poor thing must be getting sick of it already!! Thanks in advance for suggestions :thnk
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hi, Some of the things I see in lunch boxes are: cereal bar, rice cakes, crackers, wraps, fruit - either whole or cut up (please [as a teacher I'm begging you!] if you're sending something like an orange make sure either your son can peel it or that you've it quartered!), I've had a child with chopped peppers/cucumber in a lunch box, think they're the most common though. Tbh I wouldn't worry about trying to vary it for your son, I'm assuming if he's only 5 he's probably only in Junior Infants so he's a long way to go before he starts getting bored of his lunch. My mother always laughs as my brother went the whole way up through school eating ham sandwiches - 1 day she asked him if he'd like to change to something else & he just looked at her stupid and said "but I like ham sandwiches"!! If your son isn't complaining don't be putting yourself under pressure!
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
[quote="caitf84":2qs0y5i4] If your son isn't complaining don't be putting yourself under pressure![/quote:2qs0y5i4] I would agree with the above!! My son is in 2nd class and still has the same lunch he had in Junior infants!! Does he usually finish his lunch? Personally (and really this is just my opinion) I think that sounds like a lot of food for what is usually a 10 minute lunch break. How about crackers or Tuc crackers does he eat these? Or maybe different yogarts? Raisins?
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
I'm a jun inf teacher and the majority of kids in the class will bring nearly the same thing each day! As Scarlett said bear in mind they don't have a huge amount of time to eat lunch and they are chatting at same time so a lot of food won't get eaten. Majority of kids in my class bring fruit for small break (cut up so its easy and quick to eat) and then a sandwich and maybe cheese/fruit/raisins/popcorn (a small bit in a lunchbox) and a drink. If he's not complaining don't worry yourself about trying to think up new ideas!
vidia Posts: 2960
I give my lil man a different sandwich every day, brown roll with ham, brown roll with ham and cheese, bap with ham, bap with ham and cheese, and if we run out of ham them he has a cheese sandwich :o0 :o0 He hasnt complained so far!!!