childcare Question & costs?

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noddy1 Posts: 619
Hi there, i have 2 questions - i am thinking of children in 2/3 years and wanted to know if all you guys had childcare sorted before the birth of your baby? what type of childcare did you end up with? i am living far from my family/parents so this is not an option but i am wondering if private people or creche is the way to go care and cost wise. My sisters both have jobsharing posts and mind each others children but that is up the country- the ideal i know! and also, what was the overall cost of baby stuff by the time the new arrival made his way into your home? as in hosp charges, buggies & equipment, loss of earnings, extra groceries bills - nappies and food etc? Sorry to sound so clinical but i need to get the picture clear sooner rather than later!
clio99 Posts: 712
basically childcare costs are another mortgage and then with everything that goes with a baby its another one, dont want to scare you or anything :shock: no but seriously, I had a minder when dd was a baby up to 2 1/2 and then she went into a creche/monty for the interaction with the other kids. Then once she went to school she went to a minder again. Minders are definatly cheaper than a creche well I think anyway. I suppose it differs throughout the country. I went public on my DD, and Im going semi on this one purley becasue I have vivas and may as well take advantage of it. With the public its totally free, semi all I have to pay is €500 everything else is covered. Buggies range between €100-€700 monitors €30-€150 sterlizer:€30-€70 moses basket €40-€150 cot:€100-€400 Loss of earning: i htink social pay max 254 a week if your employer doesnt pay maternity benefit, im slucky they pay my sal in total, so i will only loose 8 weeks if i decide to take 8 unpaid nappies & food about €50 week (would i be right there not sure havent had a baby in the house in 8 yrs then i suppose the likes of calpol, clothes, doing the room, they are exp litle buggers but totally wrth it and the cost really doesnt come into it when they get here. thsi is just gen costs correct me if im wrong :wink: hope i didnt frighten you too much
noddy1 Posts: 619
No you have not frightened me really - i am not ashamed to say i will give my bambino second hand moses basket monitor etc and so the costs at the time really i think i could take without being on the bread and water, I would prefer to send my child to a minder so am glad you said they are a little cheaper. How did you get your minder? I know my sisters first was in a great minder - cheap and a really loving lady, then she put her back out and within a week sis had to get another, emded up not being as good as the first as she had more than one child and things like - if no juice was packed niece got water with lunch even though other kids had their juice ( lidl do the dilute stuff for 60p why upset a kid for that?? - in short it was a business and not a pocket money job if you understand me.) So thanks for the quick response and sorry if i seem like i am treating this whole lovely issue with a clinical mind - i'm just so broke at the moment!