Childminder and References

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Peaches and Cream Posts: 154
Hi All, I'm currently exploring childcare for my daughter. I got advice off friends, family and colleagues. Because you are essentially leaving your baby with a stranger I was advised to ask for garda vetting and references. A lot of good childminders actually advertise as having good references. So in my ad I requested them. However, I was getting on great with a childminder and was going well. Thought this is sorted, then I asked for references and she said no. Is it offensive to ask a childminder for references? I think if someone has good experience and they are good why would they not offer one. I know some people aren't registered but that's beside the point. They are still going to mind something most precious? Thanks, P&C
Peaches and Cream Posts: 154
Hi, Just an update. I was told by three people to avoid the particular childminder who refused to give me references. So a lucky escape. Think go with instinct. Ask for references. X