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breeze Posts: 1175
Hi looking for some advice. My sil has asked me to mind her LO 2 days per, she has returned to work after maternity leave. its from 8/6. Heres the thing, money. ;o( ;o( Should i shouldn't i?????ive spoken with a few of my friends and they are saying yes. It hasnt been spoken about but i did hear her say that if i took him for those days, 'that would keep the bill down'. her words.... I dont know what to do tbh loosing sleep over it, i dont want this to be an issue either. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Firstly, do you want to mind the child at all? If so you will have to set her straight on the money as she is happy to say nothing, knowing you feel awkward and then she gets free childcare. The going rate here is €30 per day, I would be telling her something like that to be honest. Minding kids is really hard work and a huge responsibility, it is worth money. I know grandparents often do it for free but as a SIL..? No way.
breeze Posts: 1175
Hi ladylizzie No not at all he is a dream to mind, if mine where like that I would have had 10 more. :o0 :o0 :o0 Your right if I say nothing them she will think it's free :eek I'm on the same page with you regarding the rate,, 30 seems fair and I've my own two to keep busy and make sure jealousy doesn't rear its ugly head. I appreciate your advice, gonna bite the bullet later