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blueeyedgirl Posts: 26
Hi there We have a few couples bringing their kids over for the weekend of the wedding. We have let everyone know that there are no children allowed at the service or the dinner but as many of these couples are travelling we feel we should help them out somehow. But what should we do? The reception is in a castle in Loughrea - should we provide a babysitter in a nearby house? The castle itself is not suitable for children. We don't mind the children being there for the drinks reception which comes between. If anyone has a similar dilemma please let me know Thanks
herby Posts: 543
Hi Im in a bit of bother over inviting children too. My h2b has a neice and a nephew so they will be def going. My problem is alot of our guest have children I feel I cant invite some and not other but if I invite no children I know alot of them would take it very personal. If i do invite them will it end up like a creche. O:|
blueeyedgirl Posts: 26
Actually I am in a similar position. My nephew (6) and niece (4) have to come but I am hoping my sister gets a babysitter for her youngest (2) but there are now 2 babies and 2 children I wasn't even aware of! My h2b thinks we should provide a babysitter in the house that his parents are renting near the castle. A friend of mine just said "no kids" but I don't think I made that clear enough..
herby Posts: 543
I would not mind 3 children at the wedding I could even handle ten but i have 28 on the list! I can provide child care for them but i know the majority of them wont leave their children with strangers. If I say straight out no children I know my parents will get the phone calls asking can their children come hense putting other peoples noses out of joint.
Aussie Bride Posts: 51
I'm a mother and I don't think you should have to provide babysitting for the children. If people are traveling they would presumably have accommodation and should be able to organize babysitting through their accom. The only exception would of course be a very new baby. Having said that, we have people who are traveling from Australia for our wedding and some of them are then holidaying in Europe so they will be bringing their children. I'm having the kids at the ceremony and having a babysitter at the reception but I had organized that anyway as I have 2 kids of my own! I am setting up a room with DVD's etc for them too. I would never take my kids to a wedding myself unless the couple especially asked me to so I would not be at all offended if they weren't invited! They were the pageboy and flower girl at a friends wedding a few years ago and even then I organized for a relative to come and collect them straight after the photo's. I think thats its your day and if you don't want to have kids there then you should tell people that. It would be awful if you couldn't enjoy yourself because you were worried about other peoples kids disrupting your day.