children at wedding

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Snuddlums Posts: 1644
This is a moan about my bro and sisters.they have 7 children between them,i offered a babysitter for eve part of wedding and they said no its grand,latest is between the 5 of them they have decided to bring a babysitter with them,i am so annoyed as she will be there the whole weekend and they expect me to pay for her meals and accomdation.not a chance they said ah its not fair on us having to watch the children-sorry they are your children. O:| O:| If i didnt invite children id be worse in world H2b family havent once moaned about babysitter or anything.They have 4 children between them Im so annoyed with my family-making everything so hard my mammy thinks its cause they dont know where they are going and it fear of unknown.Fair enough but trust my judgement,maybe im naive but there will be 15 children in total around the same age so they can play with each other and im hoping to have bouncy castle for the day.also we will be the only people in hotel.its closed to public as private function. Ahhh Thats better.Im sure there will be another drama before wedding :yelrotflmaosmilie:
gillette Posts: 1803
Snuddlums, as u said, you'd be the worst in the world if you'd said no kids. Offering to get a babysitter for the evening is the right thing to have done and don't listen to anything else about a weekend long babysitter at your expense. They're parents, they've a choice - don't bring them and then they can kick back and not be parents for the day or bring them and look after them (with a break if they take u up on the babysitter after dinner). They can't have it both ways and it's crazy that they want to
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
are they not offering to pay for babysitter??? that's kinda cheeky...
nelswife Posts: 3869
definetly think if they are bringing a babysitter themselves [b:2fgdyh69]they should be paying all her expenseses[/b:2fgdyh69], its not like you asked them to bring one, you offered to get one out at the hotel...
sherwood Posts: 737
If they've decided to [b:17s1n80c]BRING[/b:17s1n80c] the sitter then it's up to them to pay her and besides there's enough of them to split it!
DipDab Posts: 1172
Agree with the others, if they bring a babysitter thats their choice, its nothing to do with you and no way should you be paying anything for the babysitter!
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
[quote="DipDab":3qwcr06r]Agree with the others, if they bring a babysitter thats their choice, its nothing to do with you and no way should you be paying anything for the babysitter![/quote:3qwcr06r] Exactly!!
kim222 Posts: 102
No way, between them all they can afford to pay one babysitter who will sit and watch a dvd in the room with them... wont cost them that much for their sister's wedding... yep, you're right and they're wrong!
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
Thanks girls I just said straight out no im not paying and il speak to hotel.Families what would you do with them?
joker Posts: 2789
if they are bringing her,,, id dont see how you would have to pay for her accomdation etc. maybe crossed wires??