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CalGill Posts: 63
We're having a no children wedding! We even put it on our invitations! Bar my OH 2 nieces and nephews - fine because their parents will be there. Now one of the mothers (from a previous relationship) has decided she doesn't want to come to the wedding! Leaving the father (and best man to boot!) to look after 2 kids 8&6 He's supposed to be with his brother the groom the morning of the wedding. Now there'll be a big fuss over getting the kids ready - they won't want to go to the church with granny - no no! I have visions of them wanting to be on his lap through the church ceremony! Then when we get back to the hotel the best man will be busy and at the top table! Who is to look after the kids?!!? The six year old is a nightmare! Very badly behaved! His father thins he'll be FINE at a table with his sister by themselves!!! I mean is he off his head!?!? It will be a disaster! And I never wanted bloody kids there in the first place! Can I tell him to not bother bringing the kids!?!?
CasualBride Posts: 574
Oh. My. God. This is something you can do without - to be honest, if it was me, I'd say that the children can't come after all - I doubt they'll care, and it's not as if there are other kids there to entertain them, so it would end up totally encroaching on the best man's freedom to be a best man - like, what's going to happen with them / him when your bridal party goes off for an hour after the church for photos - someone else will have to mind them and everyone is going to be busy meeting and greeting. I would definitely pull the plug on this, I had children at my wedding and it was fine because we have lots of nieces & nephews, they all sat together and played together, they had plenty of friends around them. Totally different scenario when it's just 2 kids.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Are the 2 kids your talking about the same 2 you said are the only ones invited? Why cant the kids stay at home with the mother so? You could litterly say "here I thought your partner was going to be there to mind them but since she isn't, there is no one else to look after them, granny wont be doing it, so it might be better if they stayed at home with their mother" or drop into conversation with the best man "ya know the kids will have to be with you all day, you wont be able to drink too much you have to look after them no one else will" tell him he will have to sit with the kids at their table, not at the top table, show him how much of an inconvenience it will be on his day, make it clear no one else will be looking after them, its not their grannys job to do it! and I would make it clear to him he will be sitting with them at their own table for the day!
MissyM67 Posts: 337
There's no way the best man can be looking after the kids! ! His job is to look after the groom (before and during the wedding), collect presents, do his speech, gather people for photos etc
Noisin Posts: 448
Agree with above, the granny is not there to be babysitting. The Best man minding kids and not drinking, can't really picture it, I can see the kids going wild at the wedding if not minded and supervised, as above make it clear that they have to be minded and supervised properly. He should get a baby sitter book and pay for her room, and their job is to sit with at mass, sit with kids at dinner table, and put them to bed after the dinner time, the cost of that would put him off, people do it, seen minders at weddings minding kids for the full day, seriously how does he think he's going to manage, I've seen small kids going mental at weddings and on dance floors, no one minding them, it's not the place for it, bring them to a playground to run amuck. Definitely tackle this issue now or you'll be looking at a mess on the day.
Biglove Posts: 1
Childrens are fun at wedding.. I always loved been invited to wedding when I was a kids. Just ask him if he has a babysitter to help him during the day and nights.. I think that you should not panic for this. they are 8 and 6. I am sure that if they get a video games on a electronic device they probably will not even notice what happening around them. I am having my 2 boys and another 12 kids at my wedding. They will do their jobs flowers girls and page boys then head out with the babysitteur do their own activities. I do like to have them a bit around at the dancing through .. Its fun, its life
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