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AisBride2010 Posts: 12
Hey guys, not getting married until Feb 2010 but starting to get organised now! Just wondering if anyone knows of any good & reputable childrens entertainers in the south east area?? I have a lot of nieces & nephews from 1 yr old up to 13 yrs old coming to the wedding and am planning to have an entertainer at the hotel, after the church and before we sit down to dinner, so for about 2 hours in the afternoon I'll need someone to come along. Hotel have said they'll set aside a room for this. Hoping to get someone good who'll really keep the kids attention and not someone who'll just blow up one balloon and thats it! Thanks for any help ye can give!
wexfordbrideoct09 Posts: 41
hi im a bride to be in south east also my friend went to a wedding in gorey and there was a clown that made ballons n did a bit of puppet show and there my sis in law got him for a childrens party he was brill the children were mesmerised .at party he was there for bot an hour n a half and it was two hundred dunno how much you wanna spend....
happilywed Posts: 638
was at a wedding where they had a magician who went around when everyone arrived and did tricks and then did a proper show for the kids at the wedding while the meal was going on ...he was very good and it seemed to do the trick as no one noticed that there was about 10 kids at the wedding !!!
blissful2b Posts: 1555!
newyear09wife Posts: 899
Hi Girls, Blissful thanks for the recommendation!! :wv We are a new company who offer an alternative way to entertain childen at weddings. If you can provide a seperate space or room for your younger guests then we can do the rest. We provide activities and games for children upto 13yrs and tailor the activities we provide to suit the profile of your indiviual guests. Everything from a ball tent and bulding bricks for the smallies right up to karaoke, nintendo wii and playstation3 for the older ones. We offer packages to cover everything from ceremony to babysitting. Check out our site for more info or pm me ! Best wishes and happy planning! :thnk
AisBride2010 Posts: 12
Thanks a mil guys - I'll check out that website now :wv
charliesangel Posts: 2106
hey ais bride my sis used www, and i cant reccomend them enough pm me if you have any questions :wv