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Flopsy Rabbit Posts: 54
I was BM at a friends wedding recently & the bride,groom & bridal party got a boat from the ceremony to the reception. This 30mins was so much fun & a great chance for the bridal party to chill out & have a drink & a laugh. Anyway im trying to think of something we can do at my wedding to allow the same period of relaxation. We're not near the water & my ceremony & reception are in the same hotel & photos are within 5 minute drive. Does anyone have any ideas of something fun i could arrange for the bridal party???
DillieDallie Posts: 423
The photos are going to be my Fun Time with the Bridal Party, in fairness I will have been with my BMs all morning and I know I am just gonna wanna get to my drinks reception asap to get a chance to talk to guests before the meal. Going to do family pics first at the church, then just the bridal party at the venue (with some Champagne of course) then just me and hubby! HTH! :wv
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I would be hesitant to organise anything really, time can run away with you, after the church there can be a bit of standing around and chatting, then photos can take a little while and your Bm's etc may need to check into their rooms when you get to the hotel. It's nice to have a bit of time to mingle with guests before dinner too so i would be wary of planning anything between the church and hotel, you could end up a bit stressed trying to fit anything in. If you want to have a bit of time just with your DH before the hotel you could ask the driver to stop somewhere like a pub or scenic spot for 15 mins on the way? We got married in the church beside johnny foxes in the dublin mountains. After the church we got some photos and then DH and I went into the pub and had one drink before heading for the hotel. It was such a lovely 15 minutes just sitting down and catching our breaths. Sorry just read that your ceremony and reception are in the same place! :-8 Maybe just pop up to your room, the hotel could have some champagne ready and you and your DH could sit and relax for a bit?
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
our hotel has a wee room (well not that wee and really nicely decorated) for the bride, groom, bridal party and their family to hang in for 15mins, catch up and have a chat. they don't let the photographer/videographer in as it is just a few mins to catch your breath and spend time with the people closest to you on the day. I think its a really good idea cos you spend the day going around chatting to neighbours/cousins etc who you wouldn't see too often so its nice to take a few mins out with the people closest to you.
dreamscometrue2012 Posts: 1769
I wouldn't organise anything, I don't thing there is any need! You'll be spending the morning with bms and h2b with his gm....and like others said if the time gets away from you then you'll be stressed!! I'm hoping to get up to the room, prob after the meal for a few mins with the hubby ( :lvs ) just to chill for a few mins on our own!!