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ccoyle Posts: 3
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a place in Ireland where you can get measured for replica dresses that are made up in China? I have my eye on a beautiful Pronovias dress which is way out of my league at about €5000 but I have viewed a number of websites that claim to be able to make a copy of the same dress for US$300!! Has anyone any experience of this? Thanks C
bridess2010 Posts: 100
Hi there, I just got my BM's dresses from DHgate and they are amazing. Only cost me £60stg as opposed to £250-300. I went for something Id seen on gossip girl. You have to wait 5 weeks but they had a live chat thingy which was great as I was able to get the length of the girls dresses right. Defo worth a punt- good quality and I was able to track mo order- through paypal so no messin about with cc numbers.
ccoyle Posts: 3
Thanks so much I will look into that, did you have any trouble with sizes? Some of those sites are quite confusing when you look at the size charts....
bridess2010 Posts: 100
HI there, I was able to do the weblive chat with them so was able to order US size 8 ( Ire 12). I went bigger so if alterations were needed they could be done later. What was good about them was that I could stress the heights of the fgirls with shows. My girls are 5'5 and their shoes will be 3 inches so I could tell them the dress was to be made for someone 5'8 with shoes on.
wah Posts: 1414
just be careful, they all seem to copy the designers picture but it doesnt mean that what you get, i came across a facebook page on this recently, if i can find it again i'll put up link, some were disastrous, as in open mouth gasp as i scrolled down, no joke, gonna see if i can remember how i found it now...
ccoyle Posts: 3
Sounds like a good option so, the prices are so low that even if it doesn't work out to plan you haven't lost out on a fortune. I would be interested to see the disasters aswell though!! XC