Chinese new Year

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Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
Anyone celebrating ?? We do every year , hubbie spent most of his childhood with his chinese neighbours and worked in their shop ,the beansprout house over in inchicore. Sadly they left Ireland 15 years ago and set up a restaurant in London but they still keep in touch. Off to the chinese emporium to meet him for lunch and stock up on goodies , sauces and rice no MSG in home cookin !!
lil-star Posts: 3149
Ive just done a load of chinese new year stuff with the kids, I love it!! The story I had was the human eating monster Naim (sp?) would come down from the mountains every year and terrorize the people, but he didnt like loud noises or the colour red so to prevent him from coming back every year on this day they would make loud noises from fireworks and chase red dragons through the street to keep him at bay..... I love the mythology of it!! I love the chinese market and only get to go when Im in dublin. Ive seen 5gallon tubs of MSG in there though!
lindy Posts: 1135
Yes we are we have a table booked for 4 of us in the plaza in swords tonight. Will be a great night we love it there
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Going with the family to the local Chinese - were there last year and it was a great night - so we decided to make it a regular occurance.
podgeandrodge Posts: 886
my h2b surpised me with a birthday dinner yesterday in my fave chinese and he got me a cake when they brought it out all the chinese people that where eating in their started clapping and singing then the owner came down and started telling us al about their new year and how my birthday and hes birthday was on the same day and he explained all about their taditions and what not it was very funny i was mortified though . good nite al the same
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Not something to celebrate as Chinese NY hits me in the wallet - can't outsource to China for a week, so margins dip, and so does my bonus! :o(