Chocolate Trees ?????

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Finished here Posts: 2860
Anyone remember this post from a while back ??? I can't find it and wanted to look at the website ???? Help appreciated thanks
Alluring Posts: 929
Is this the thread? ... hp?t=99239
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thats the one. Thanks a million. I want to make a cheese tree for a port and cheese reception. We said it to the Hotel and they thought we were bonkers so i wanted to email what it would look like so they see how classy it could be !!!!
lowdenclear Posts: 112
That looks so cool :lvs
michelle13 Posts: 290
hi im trying to figure outhow to make thoses trees myself. must buy a box of ferreo s and experiment. if anyone has any ideas id be grateful! :wv
Finished here Posts: 2860
Hey there, My mum actually makes toperi's with dried flowers and we are gonna make the tree ourselves for our wedding. My mum uses oasis for the head, a tree branch, a pot with a rim on the inside she then glues the branch to the bottom of the pot and puts stiff card around the branch sitting on the rim. You can then decorate that with coloured paper or popourri (sorry stuck on the correct spelling of that for some reason mind drawing a blank !) Also you can spray the branc any colour you like ! Good luck
michelle13 Posts: 290
thanks! my aunt who is doing my flowers is a florist so ive printed a pic of the chocolate tree for herto work from. the tree is 95 to buy which isnt too bad but if i can save money anywhere at all, ill igve it a try! :wv