was in Tesco this evening, and spotted some Tesco Valentines Chocolates on offer for 3.99. Have been debating on whether or not to do favours, (already doing bubbles n stuff) so decided to buy a box and see what they were like. Needless to say the diet went out the window, and h2b is just back, with an embarrassed look, after me sending him down for 10 boxes. Lady at checkout said 'hmmm, in case you forget anyone next week is it??'lol. Anyway, there are 45 really nice chocolates, and even the coffee cream ones are nice!! So my favours are now decided on, bought and tested. Now just to find a box/bag that will hold 3 of them. They have Thorntons on offer too, if any of you felt a bit iffy on the tesco thing, lol