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feelinbroody Posts: 124
Hi girls, have any of you heard "You Are Mine" being sung at a wedding??? I've chosen this for mine and now I've listened clearly to the words. Is it more appropriate for a funeral..???? O:| O:|
no bridezilla Posts: 74
Hi I love this song I had picked it but my singer said he sings it a lot at funerals so i choose something else but i was at a wedding few weeks ago and they had it so now i dont know again!! O:|
feelinbroody Posts: 124
Oh I don't know... think I'll go with it anyhow... I really like it and just after listenining to it again... :wv :wv :wv I've already told the musicians I wanted it and my Dad is singing part of it so... thats it so... going with it!!! O-O O-O Come to think of it, lots of people have 'Cloud's Veil' at their weddings and its also used a lot for funerals... right I'm convinced....
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hi maggieb - You Are Mine is beautiful...I sing it at many weddings so if you like it go with it :thnk Siobhan