Chorus or Sky tv???

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CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Hi guys, We have sky tv at home basic package 44 a month, also have eircom phone approx 35 a month. Just went onto Chorus website and saw that we could have both our phone and tv for 48 a month all together. Very tempted to change to Chorus but have heard some bad press about them. Who is everyone else with?? :wv
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We're with NTL (same as Chorus I think!!). Our package with them was €45 per month for digital plus TV, broadband & digital recorder box! Great value and faultless service to date!!
honeybunch Posts: 1218
We were with Chorus and then moved house and tried Sky for a change. Haven't looked back. Chorus was always freezing on us, no problems with Sky.
katgirl Posts: 1258
i have choras (ntl) aswell and absoutley no problems and i reciently changed from clearwire broad band to choras broadband aswell and works a treat
joker Posts: 2789
just got sky + installed the other day 63 euro a month,,,, alot of money but will end up modifying our package i'd say in a month or so... by taking the childrens channels off we are saving 3 euro a month... will get rid of discovery next i reckon!! all we seem to watch is the comedy channell for two and a half men! love it!
annie77 Posts: 484
Have Chorus and no problems. Phoned them recently about getting their broadband but not available in Limerick yet. They also offer digital+ which is like sky+ and can record live tv etc but this option is not available in limerick yet either. They hope to have both available by 2010. My parents have Sky but I prefer Chorus - one small feature which the sky remote doesn't have and it drives me crazy is the "back" button so you can flick back to the previous station without typing in the channel number. Also, the Chorus info button allows you to view the program info and also the info of the next program coming up. Sky only lets you info the current program. Small things but that's just me. *)
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Hey Annie77, I have the Chorus broadband and phone and I am based in Limerick. I changed to it from the Ripwave BB and it is definitely much better. Now I am getting my BB and phone for the same price as a dodgy BB connection was costing me a month. We have SKY for the tv though. I would be a Chorus girl but he loves all the documentaries and the like so SKY have better packages in that regard.
annie77 Posts: 484
Hey Paulac, Thanks for letting me know that you got the bb in Limerick. It's a while since I phoned Chorus so maybe they have coverage for broadband in my area now. Do you mind me asking where in limerick you are? I'm in Castletroy. Thanks.
newyearseve09 Posts: 95
Hi, We used to have Chorus tv and to be honest the service we got was crap, it froze all the time and trying to get on to customer service was a joke. We switched to Sky+ when we moved house and we've had no problems. We have Eircom broadband and have had no problems with this. It does work out more expensive but the service is much better IMO.
Satine Posts: 790
Sky HD (hubbies choice) and eircom broadband. No probs with either so far.