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paula08 Posts: 1
Hi. I am to become a GodMother in a couple of weeks time. Any suggestions for a nice gift - not the usual stuff, something a bit different .... Thanks!
sonnyb Posts: 1
Hi Paula08 My little girl was given a small baby hurley from her GodFather. He got it online from a site called He had her name & date of birth engraved on it. Is really nice & lovely to have. It was the most unusual gift she got. The rest of her presents were the usual silver money box, knife & fork set & clothes etc. Or, I know its not unusual - but I always like nice photoframes or silver bracelets.
mrs Posts: 673
What about a Papal Blessing, personally I think it is a lovely idea esp from a God parent, the only problem with it is - you cannot order it until the child is christened as they are not a catholic until then - so I was told when I wanted to order one.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I remember reading on here a while ago about a godparent who was getting their god daughter a charm bracelet. They would then add a charm for each birthday or christmas or whatever! Thought it was a really fab idea and one that I will definitely be using!
sillysocks Posts: 1390
I got these for my godchild (with another present) and thought they were lovely. They're wish pebbles, you can get them with a pebble for each wish for the child, with Irish on one side and English on the other if you like ,and one with her/his name and date of birth.
Delish Posts: 4176
How about a pewter mother and child ornament, or an engraved photoframe. You can buy a ralf Lauren baby clothes gift set for a boy or girl. Or a voucher for a family professional photo. Or you could put together a time box, with a newspaper from the day of the babies birth, and the number 1 song, and maybe a tape with a voice recording welcoming them to the world and photo.