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Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
Hi All Posted in Mum & Kids also..... This might sound like a silly question... but where did you buy your LO's christening gown? The only place I have seen any is Ladybird and Mamas and Papas and to be honest I only really liked the ones in Ladybird. However, I would like to look around and I dont want to buy the first one I like. I have looked in the likes of Adams and Mothercare and they don't seem to have any. The christening is in 3 weeks time, so I really need to get this sorted ASAP, so any help would be great! Thanks
workingmom Posts: 3429
Debenhams do them too.
under construction Posts: 3458
There is a shop just off Henrey Street called Freckles im nearly sure they do them [img:3sjna3vd][/img:3sjna3vd] also saw this one on next's website so perhaps try there too. Also just found this site too but not sure if its of any help to you ... lothes.htm
workingmom Posts: 3429
Yep, freckles does them, some are a bit chav tastic, but I am sure they'd have some plainer ones too, and good prices too
under construction Posts: 3458
Just another thought have you tried Monsoon
workingmom Posts: 3429
Just thought of another place- Tommy's in Blanchardstown, there is another one of their shops in Northside shopping centre in Santry too.
totalnovice Posts: 787
they have gorgeous ones in Debenhams, so pretty!