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missi moo moo Posts: 1700
Hi heading to a christening in the next few weeks and would like to get them something nice. Anyone who's had a christening what were the nice pressies that stuck in your mind. Thanks. :wv
noc Posts: 1802
Well, if I were a parent I think i'd like a bottle of champagne or something - even just a bottle of wine or whatever you'd normally bring to a party. Unless you're a godparent there's not much point in cluttering up the parents' house with more knick-knacks. As a godparent though I have usually got a nice silver photoframe and got it engraved with the child's name so they can have their own baby/ christening photo in it when they grow up. Much better than the silver egg cup and spoon/ tiny bracelet usual [email protected] that is just going to gather dust. I bet mine will be a minority view though.
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
i was godparent recently.. and arrive din late to the mass.. that didnt go down too well... i got them loads of clothes
noc Posts: 1802
Haha just noticed I wrote 'as a godparent I have usually got' which I should really correct to 'as a godparent, I have [i:1p0hps2t]always [/i:1p0hps2t]got...' I've only been one twice and did the same thing both times. :o0
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Depends on how much you wanna spend but I got a voucher for Clarkes for my little boys Christening and I thought it was a great present. I kept it up until he was ready for his first shoes and it was great to have cause the shoes are so expensive!