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jkc123 Posts: 1
Hey, I'm new here :-) Recently got engaged, we have 2 children one who is due to be christened soon. We are thinking about having a christening/wedding but wondering what was we should go about it. I've never been to such an event but have heard of quite a few in the last year and it appeals to me so much more than a traditional wedding. So what I'm stuck on at the moment is whether we should get married in registry office and go off on an elopement holiday with the kids and announce that we will celebrate at baby's christening. Or should we just announce it at the church that we are married and try and get a little blessing from the priest and go on our holiday then? (it's all about the holiday lol) Also what kind of affair would you have? I don't want to go completely OTT and have a sit down meal as I do plan to invite my large family and it will result in around 100 guests I think. Or do we just pay the price for 100 people I don't know what to do. I'm a very indecisive person and my partner is easy going so he's not a great help :-D Also what kind of dress would one wear? I don't want a traditional wedding dress. Will have to check with parish if there will be another christening on at the same time (might be awkward) Thanks All xx
CasualBride Posts: 574
Hi, I attended a christening which was also the parents surprise wedding! He wore a suit, she wore a white dress but not a traditional wedding dress. It was the usual wedding mass and the usual christening ceremony happened before the mass. Afterwards everyone went to a pub across the road for finger food and a DJ, the word spread so friends turned up to join in the fun. It was great - no pressure on anyone, although I think some people were embarrassed that they weren't dressed up enough etc, but to be honest, I think that's the beauty of it. Weddings can put pressure on people to spend a fortune on looking good, this one was so laid back, it was really just a night out, which was ideal. I really think it's up to yourself how you want to do it - if you want to just announce it, thats grand, if you want to have a ceremony like my friends, go for it.. it's going to be a surprise for people no matter what you do,so there are no expectations so you're totally free to do what you want to do!