Christmas B - Baby???

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mrs celtickitten Posts: 877
anyone heard from Christmas B - did baby arrive yet
breeze Posts: 1175
yep she had a boy - 18 days early. Chicken Licken posted about it, i think
Wannabe Posts: 181
Hi Celtic Kitten - yes she had her baby, i boy i think, somebody posted here it a while ago, i think she had him 2 weeks early or soemthing like that, but shes hasnt been on herself yet.
charli Posts: 5994
girls i think she was about 4 weeks early she hasnt logged on yet but had texted another wolly she had an ickle boy :lvs
mrs celtickitten Posts: 877
ah thanks girls sugar i totally missed it. will read the post now. thanks a mil, congrats christmas b