Christmas Brides...anyone looking to shed the pounds???

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smidge31 Posts: 137
HI Ladies, Just wondering if anyone is looking to shed a few pounds for Xmas? Im getting married at the end of December and need a bit of motivation!! Have lost (and gained!) several pounds from following the other threads but need to start getting serious now, Xmas is gonna fly in. If anyone is looking to melt some lard let me know :-)
sarahdecember Posts: 1
I'm getting married on the 27th Dec and definitely need to up my game and fit the flab! :weep
smidge31 Posts: 137
[quote="sarahdecember":2x5llz73]I'm getting married on the 27th Dec and definitely need to up my game and fit the flab! :weep[/quote:2x5llz73] Hi Sarah im getting married the next day! I hear you on fighting the flab...the warm weather the last two weeks really threw me, I was eating ice cream every day!! How much are you hoping to lose? :-)
Prudence87 Posts: 5
My sister who's getting married in Jan 2014 is and I'm joining her cos I want to shed the preggo weight asap :) We're on a nutritious diet with portion control. She also is planning a colon cleanse (which I can't and shouldn't do till I stop breastfeeding). Also, lots of exercises. I use my own body weight so that I don't strain/tire myself out too much. Mostly focusing on my stomach (re: pouch), legs and flabby arms :)
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
Hi Ladies, my wedding is on 13th December. I'm in Slimming World and have lost 11.5 lbs so far. I also joined my local gym recently to crank things up a bit and am going on a lot more walks. I'm really trying to do it the long term healthy way so I can keep it off and stay fit and well! I say this as I look out the window and wish I was sitting in the park with a 99 !! :wv
smidge31 Posts: 137
Hi Ladies, Im kinda thinking along the same lines Madwoman2013, really want to keep the weight off rather then it being a quick fix diet and piling even more on afterwards. I reckon with 6 months to go fingers crossed it might come off :-) Have booked a dress fitting for the 29th July and really want to be down a bit by then!! So hard to be good with the good weather, all you wanna do is eat BBQ and drink vine!!!