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proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
I am a Christmas Bride and not having favours. Think they are a total waste of time and money. People won't even notice if you don't have them. The last 5 weddings I have didn't have any and I didn't even bat an eyelid. Personal choice I know and for us, we think money will be better spent better elsewhere.
berb Posts: 22
we're having Newbridge christmas ornaments.....get a good discount when ordering in bulk, and they are so pretty!!
farrellandchase Posts: 557
An idea for the christmas baubles would be to have them hanging on small christmas trees on the way into the dining room with a ribbon and place card attached. The baubles would act as seating cards with one for each guest with their name and table number written on a small card attached with ribbon. Each guest would take their bauble and could hang it on their own tree when they get home. Another idea which I did for my mothers 60th birthday dinner, Dec 21st, was christmas baubles placed at each place setting which opened in half and contained old fashioned sweets inside, they were a great talking point and they brought them home. I saw many of them hanging on their trees that Christmas, a nice reminder of that night! I have some ideas for Christmas weddings on my blog which might be of interest... [url:62ikh0l4][/url:62ikh0l4] [url:62ikh0l4][/url:62ikh0l4] best of luck with all your plans. Pamela
MrsEL10 Posts: 910
How did you get the baubles which opened in half? Sounds like a good idea
farrellandchase Posts: 557
I got them in The Chocolate Parlour, Metges Lane, Navan. 046 9066724. I got them there last year, they are vintage style, really beautiful. I'm sure they would be able to help you source them or order them in for you if they no longer have them in stock. Best of luck, Pamela
pinkylady Posts: 165
We are having Christmas Crackers in silver to match in with our colour theme.