Christmas memories

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nissi Posts: 683
Folloing on from the Christmas Traditioins thread, just thought it would be nice to share Christmas memories from our childhoods. Here are some of mine: *) My family used to always tell me that Santa was in jail & couldnt deliver the presents *) Watching the news on Christmas Eve where they show santa with the reindeer about to leave the north pole. *) Getting the Spraoi books at school. *) Every christmas night i would colour the back of the selection box, no matter what presents i got, that was always better :o0 What were ye're favourite memories?
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Aw, I really miss these since I moved out! When we were kids no-one was allowed into the living room to see if Santa had come until everyone was downstairs and ready - my Dad was ALWAYS last and we'd be in the throes of excitement begging him to hurry up! H2B and I spent Christmas in my parents house last year because my sister was home from Japan and this rule was still adhered to! We always visited my Mam's mam and then my Dad's parents after mass and we'd bring our new toys to show all the cousins what we got. My Nan (Mam's mam) always had a tiny Christmas tree - just the top half of one of the artificial ones, because her sitting room was tiny, especially with 13 adults and 12 grandchildren crammed in on Christmas day! There'd be tins of Roses, Quality Street, biscuits and turkey sandwiches doing the rounds and we always ate too much and never finished the dinner my poor mother slaved over! My Dad's parents had two dobermen and my granny always put red ribbon around their collars for Christmas day, which we all thought was so cute. They'd be spoilt rotten by all of the grandkids with bits of food. My aunt Judy makes the most AMAZING mince pies - never shared those with the dogs! Once we got home the parents would go mad trying to rescue the dinner cos we'd always stay longer than planned in the grandparents' houses. Then after dinner my sister and I would bury our heads in our Bunty/Mandy & Judy annuals and we'd watch Christmassy films for the evening and we never missed The Snowman on Channel 4.
kenko Posts: 1430
This is a lovely thread :lvs It brings me back to my childhood christmas years. For me it was watching my mother and all the neighbours on our street cleaning their windows and hanging their clean nets up a week before Christmas day. We lived on a main road and on Christmas morning you would see everyone going to mass in their new Christmas clothes as they passed our sittingroom window. My granny used to have real ivy hanging over everything and a big red candle burning every Christmas day. I love to go back to one of those Christmas years again. :o)ll :wv
JDD Posts: 1316
Aw I love this. When we were writing our christmas lists, my mum said that since Dad worked for the civil service, they had a special government postal system that went straight to the North Pole. Totally suckered, we'd put our lists in envelopes and hand them to my Dad for "posting". Each alternate year we'd "host" Christmas with the other year my auntie hosting. The years we'd host would mean that Christmas Eve was not out getting drunk with my mates, but furiously chopping vegetables and making trifle and polishing brass. I actually didn't mind - I hated leaving it all to my mum to do and we'd always open a bottle of something sparkly and have nice things to eat. Nowadays, instead of my brother waking me at five a.m. to go and see what santa brought, we all have breakfast together at about 11a.m. We have an odd combination of sausages and croissants. When we were growing up Mum thought fryups were unhealthy so only did them at Christmas, and croissants were too expensive. :-)
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
[quote="kenko":9qo6atss] I love to go back to one of those Christmas years again. :o)ll :wv[/quote:9qo6atss] my sentiments exactly!! we also had to get everyone huddled outside the sitting room door until all there! dad was always the last!even my arthritic granny was there quicker!! we used to go through all the pressies, tidy up, then mom made breky, into fancy new clothes, mass and then we hosting the xmas morning drinks!! was great to have everyone around and enjoy christmas drinks!all cousins playing together! then xmas dinner then after everyone just sitting in sit room, continually eating, boxes roses, always loved the boxes of tayto(was really xmas when that box was bought!!) then turkey sambos in the eve and go to bed full happy and cozy!! was life easier back then!!?