Christmas Present Ideas????

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josefa Posts: 10
Hey, It's that time of year where I begin racking my brain trying to think of a great Christmas present for the other half. :duh: Now that he's my fiance I want to actually get the present right for once. Would love suggestions from others as I'm a bit stumped. He's flying home from Australia for 3 weeks and wont be back until a few weeks before our wedding so really want something brilliant. Looking forward to the suggestions :wv
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
What kinda guy is he? What sort of thing does he like? What's your budget like? We've agreed on small presents this year as we are trying to save the monies. He is a huge Man Utd fan so I'll be getting him Fergies book and the Class of 92 DVD. We watch Countryfile every week so I'll also be getting him the Countryfile calendar too. I've actually started to make that a bit of a tradition. Do you both live in Australia? Is there any experience that he'd like to do over there that you haven't done yet? Does he live there on his own? Something cheap and cheerful could be a nice calendar with photos of his/your family? Or a getaway few days while he's home somewhere gorgeous?
josefa Posts: 10
He's a very practical guy, who's not into sport and doesn't really drink. If I found the perfect gift I'd splash out but trying to save the pennies for the big day and the honeymoon. Afraid he's in Australia and I'm here so if its something to do together there's a 3 week window amid all the wedding details that have to be finalised. I have made him a calendar on vista print but want something else aswell. He's class at picking presents :o)ll