Christmas presents - have you started buying yet?

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lamb nose Posts: 679
I must admit that I have most of mine bought and wrapped up already. Will be 30 weeks pregnant at Christmas and don't fancy the idea of waddling around the shops banging into other shoppers and getting myself wound up over nothing!! I love Christmas and can't wait for this one. God, only 9 weeks left! Anyone else organised or will it be a mad rush round the shops on Christsmas eve type of job?
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
i have 3 things bought what do you have and do you have any ideas for us less organised then you!!!! O-O
lamb nose Posts: 679
The usual stuff really..Davidoff Cool water for my bro as I know he loves it and being a student he can't afford it. A book for my other bro that he has been looking for everywhere and can not find. Golf things for my FIL and perfume for the MIL. My little pony stuff for my niece. And about 20 other things for 20 different people..... Happy shopping!! O-O
mad woman Posts: 22106
few bits n bobs for the kids, but nothing major tbh. I know that DH wants a new phone so wait closes to xmas to do that, but will wait closer to see. but will defo start looking out for stuff now.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I have all of my older brothers presents - an giving him a kind of hamper full of gadgets and cool stuff i got from I want one of those .com I have my aunts and uncles (only have two uncles(1 is godfather) (&1 wife) and one aunt) things like cheese boards and bread boards from avon. Also have my godmothers presents and hamper of spa products. Have part of my parents present - tickets to mamma mia. Still to buy rest of present for mum and dad and my little bro, my granny (who I usually get a big hamper of luxury jams and relishes and spreads) and one other aunt who is disable so just little gimmicky stuff for her. (can't believe that is all I have left to buy. Last year I had to buy for boyf family and nephew. So that is a huge chunk out of the presents. will start to wrap everything soon. Sorry post is so long winded it was good working things out in my head.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
few little sets and stuff from avon, after next week though i really want to get them in early,
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
hi just have a few pressies to buy for nieces and nephews. for all the adults we do kriskringle or whatever its called, pick name out of hat so everyone just has one adult to buy for. we get together for family meal in november to pick the names and everyone has put their name in the hat with a list of around 10 things they would like for no more than 50e, great fun and them we meet for xmas eve dinner. mostly evryone asks for vouchers but its great fun!
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
I never buy anything until the last week before Christmas - and that's at my best.. Normally it's on Christmas Eve! This year is probably my biggest present buying experience ever as I'll be spending it with my hubby's folks, his sister and her hubby and their 3 kids, and 5 others. Will be nice as it will be the first 'family' Christmas I've had in about 15 years :) God only knows what pressies I'm going to get them all - maybe I'll do a Martha Stewart on it and make jams or something ?!? - couldn't face the whole 'plodding around the shops' expedition. Over here they don't go into the Christmas pressies as much as they do at home - it's more like small 'tokens', so not such a massive pain in the bum!
Ladybirds Posts: 445
I started about a month ago. Bought Golden Dics vouchers for sisters, brother and sister in law. Bought Waterford Crystal candlesticks for both of our parents. We've both got godchildren so we'll head to Smyths to pick up something for them this weekend. In my group of friends we go out together for a meal and a night out instead of buying each other gifts. H2B agreed only something small this year as we're just moving into our first home and we've spent a lot on this house this year. Won't wrap everything til xmas eve morning. Fairly organised TG!
loved up Posts: 119
[quote:1xvwp1dd]In my group of friends we go out together for a meal and a night out instead of buying each other gifts[/quote:1xvwp1dd] thats a great idea might borrow that