Christmas Tree lights

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win Posts: 183
Hi, I have a 7ft tree, fairly full. How many lights would I need, 200 or 400? Thanks.
streaks Posts: 3592
I'd go for 400 but I like lot of lights. I'd say 200 wouldn't go half way down the tree (maybe that's just if I was decorating though!!)
Thisishappening Posts: 163
Definitely 400
Busbybabe Posts: 562
[quote="Thisishappening":7aijvcah]Definitely 400[/quote:7aijvcah] +2. My tree is only a small one 5ft and I have 400 on it. Hate skimpy lights. Home Store and More had Christmas lights for half price last weekend. 400 lights were 32€ so would only be €16 now :o)ll
ladymacbeth Posts: 713
Having enough lights is def the key to a really great looking tree , go for the 400 . Excuse me now while I go straight to M&S to buy 200 more !!!!!!
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Off to buy loads of lights so, I'd never have put that many on before! I wanted to get the Victorian lantern ones from homestore and more, have wanted lights like that for years, there's 80 in a box, would you still use 400 of them or is that a bit much?