Christmas tree??

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KEbaby Posts: 99
Hi Ladies, Sorry I know it's real early-but am due a baby anyday now and I want to get a really nice fake xmas tree this year as I thought I'd get one in the sales last year and they were all sold out by xmas!!! Anyways, just wondering if anyone has any advice/opinions on what kind of fake tree to get and where to get it? I had a quick look and it seems you can now get fir tree, spruce trees, alpine tree, pine trees....all kinds of fake trees and you can pay anywhere from €80 to €450 for a tree! Any opinions welcome-anything you would advise to avoid like the plague? I'd hate my MIL to come in & have lots of "opinions" on our tree & be given even more opportunity for criticisms! Thanks!
rooroo02 Posts: 66
Hi Mary Best of luck to you in coming days. You must be so excited. :hyper: I bought a tree in Heatons when I moved into my first house 7 years ago. Think it was about €70. It's 7ft, easy to set up and store away and even now it looks lovely, although last year the cat took to sleeping in it so by Christmas Eve it had gone a bit lob sided! How lovely to think by the time you're decorating it you'll have a little one in the house :heartbeat: