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MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
love the boubles idea, will be a nice keepsake for every christmas for the couple
kila2008 Posts: 678
If anyone wants to have crackers, you can buy 'cracker snaps' on Ebay really cheaply, which would allow you to make your own, using whatever paper/ribbon/etc you want and you can then choose the contents. I made some last year for the dinner table on xmas day and they were really easy to make.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I just received my personalised ribbon this morning, it's excellent, can't wait to make my prototype bauble! :-)
decsnow Posts: 83
How much ribbon would I need to order for 200 baubles? Great idea girls Thanks!! Roll on Dec! Will I get the little bags on ebay 2? If anyone has a link will you post it please Thanks!
newlywed2011 Posts: 363
girls thanks a million for all the ideas :lvs them
anitacaricatures Posts: 369
Delighted i was of some help to ye :) Organza bags: I would recommend paying alittle more for the organza bags from someone in Britain or Ireland, we ordered them for almost nothing from Hong Kong and they arrived the day before the wedding!! In the meantime we had given up on them and ordered more from England. In fairness the bags from China were much more superior, but not worth the hassle. Ribbon: Post up pics when you have them finished, would love to see! :)
melissa1 Posts: 12
[quote="LittleLily":whfyutfq][quote="timeflys":whfyutfq]Im not having a christmas wedding but you could have candy canes with a little tag+message from you and h2b on it... cheap and cheerful :)[/quote:whfyutfq] Thats a great idea. [img:whfyutfq][/img:whfyutfq] ...and at [url=]these prices[/url:whfyutfq] you could have one for every guest.[/quote:whfyutfq] Hi, Could you tell me where you got your Candy Canes from please? I'm getting married on 14th December this year and love the idea for favours!!
Guccigoo Posts: 104
Were having Yankee Wedding Candles, Going with Candlelite theme so hoping they go down well. Either way any leftovers I'm happy enough to burn at home... :o)ll
Lor01 Posts: 2
We are getting married on Jan 7th so we are having a winter theme rather than a christmas theme, but we (or I am) thinking of making ginger bread men and having them as a favour. They can be made a couple of weeks before and once kept in an air tight tin, will stay fresh. I think it could be cute!
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
we got married on new years day and we didnt have favours as such, what we did was have ferrero roche all done in a cone shape on the middle of the table looked fab if i do say so..