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gingerbiscuit Posts: 2
Just wondering if anyone else has sourced 2 chair covers for church chairs. The church doesn't have them and neither does my venue or florist. Any ideas?
nosie Posts: 449
I have never even seen that done. Is it really necessary? How ugly are the chairs?
june2015bride Posts: 67
I bought mine on ebay, got 2 chair covers and 2 sash cost me about €10.
meme134 Posts: 71 have them to buy or if you are in the kerry area you can hire from the kerry wedding store in tralee or if in clare either grace events or kate deegan in ennis
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Are the chairs really bad / plain? It never would have occurred to me to do that. You could dress them up with 2 large ribbons, tie a big bow on the back of each chair, and save the money for something else (though if they're on eBay for €10 as mentioned above it's not too dear!)
WOL Shop Posts: 244
weddingsonline shop :) Free shipping this month! :o)ll
shaniaspratt Posts: 98
I was looking at photos of a wedding on my photographers' website and saw a beautifully shot wedding....the amount of thought and details that had gone into it was unreal....and then these 2 ugly metal chairs at the top of the church! I realised then it's very important to check the chairs in your church!! That's all people can see for the whole ceremony, the back of those 2 chairs. I checked mine and they are 2 nice wooden ones but have a very wide back. I've made enquiries and you can get spandex chair covers to cover wide chairs but apparently the ones in my church are so wide even the spandex don't cover them so I asked the florits and she said they will tie ribbon around them and dress them up a bit so I'm happy with that. But defo - check the chairs!!