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Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Remember those? Do you still have them delivered to your home by some polite lady working that register? I ask because our neighbour, in an anonymous 'mixed' estate in the Grim North just brought one round to our gaff. He and his family have not long moved in themselves. A woman rapped on his door this afternoon when she found our place empty to ask if he would drop it later. That's right, one of those little boxes that screams its business, and fits perfectly through any letter box. I am so f*cking furious, I haven't been this close to apoplexy since a barman once told me the pub we were in had run out of beer.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
They're fierce handy for writing shopping lists on in fairness.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Possibly. But irresponsible, an act of gross arrogance, and a serious farking liberty, if you ask me. I'm not for calming down.
luckymummy Posts: 650
Ah I wouldn't let it raise my blood pressure. Either put something in it or don't. Nosy neighbours will never know. we have never got them here, but my mum gets them every year.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
I take from your posts on churches in general that you don't go to church so it strikes me as weird that the church see fit to give you a set of envelopes and not to your neighbour. Seems like they profiled you based on your name or something as "one of them" I'd be annoyed too.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
[quote="Hbombadero":1vnf3zjz]I take from your posts on churches in general .[/quote:1vnf3zjz] Which general posts d'ya mean, hbomb? Wasn't aware I made any. Thanks for your responses to a misplaced childish outburst on the back of a bad day. It just so happened the same neighbour moved in with his family a few weeks back. They've a wee one same age as ours and I was hoping we could get along without putting either of us in a conveniently labelled box, or have someone have the audacity to do it for us, irrespective of either of our church-going habits. I've calmed down a wee bit. Sorta. Well, not really. But sure f*ck, can't take it back now.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
Your jokey posts about getting back to your kid in time so they weren't brought to mass etc.
holyshitballs Posts: 851
They still send them to my parents house with my name on. I don't know how they got my name. Skipped my older brother though, and he's the religious one in our house. Odd. Do women donate more? Pondering their choices.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Does the box have your name on it? Agree it is strange that you have been 'chosen'! Have you had any dealings with your local church recently- that would have brought you to their attention? Booked a christening or put your child's name down for the local Catholic school for example? I know it is annoying WCL but with regard to your neighbour, doubt you can ignore the religion question. The reality as you know is it is unlilkely that on talking with them you won't know almost immediately which foot they kick with- names etc. It is also likely they will suss you out too. Don't you think this is very hard to avoid in the north? Doesn't mean though that it should bother them or you. Unless they are bigoted- in which case probably not nice people anyway it makes no difference really.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
I understand your point, wollysocks. It's more complex that the red mist rantings of a middle-aged moan on here. I'm not naïve, nor oblivious, to the issue of religion, nuanced or otherwise; I have lived here long enough. For that reason, we're quite lucky to live in a relatively comfortable mixed estate where people don't feel compelled to stick a flag out their window (I nearly said garden but remembered they tend not to have them), or despise their neighbour because they've less privileges to fight for, and probably interact at board meetings. But I do value getting to know folk on my own terms, whatever box we habitually consign each other to. It has nothing at all to do with denying those tendencies (In fact, I'd wager the aforementioned neighbour won't be needing the envelopes. So there - guilty.). I can't help but resent the naiveties (at best) of others for doing the (inaccurate) labelling for us when they should be more attuned to local dynamics and the diversity of folk in any 'side' emerging, along with the 'other'. It's a bit much to continually bow down to quaint community ways at this stage. However hysterical that sounds. I'm not looking to have it reasoned away, and I'll do my best to tolerate the choices of others, albeit in a wild-eyed maniacal voice. I'm hoping it will have gone by tomorrow. The shop assistant looked very afraid when I bought some petrol earlier. Thanks for indulging me and taking the ridiculous look off me. I hope.