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dancingchicken Posts: 224
Hey all... Just wondering can anyone recommend church music in limerick...looking for someone to sing and maybe play an instrument...not sure yet what instrument would suit.....have a few songs in mind that would be nice with either a piano or guitar. :o)ll :o)ll Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :wv
Nelson101 Posts: 57
I just pm'd you there..
MrsOConnor2b Posts: 268
Hi Nelson101, Could you pm me please? Thanx :-8
Nelson101 Posts: 57
Just pm'd you there
rainbow11 Posts: 42
i know i'm a month or so late but if you could pm me too i'd be grateful... thanks
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Austin Durack is supposed to be very good. (guitarist) [url:179one9g][/url:179one9g]
Cairn Posts: 313
Jean Wallace plays harp and sings. She is a supplier on here.