Church Music Recommendations please!!!

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miss2013 Posts: 6
Any recommendations for church music?? Had been hoping to book Nikki Kavanagh but she is unavailable for our date.. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!! O-O :wv
missussunshine Posts: 513
Hiya :wv we have booked Niamh Sherwin-Barry if you want to check her out.. Haven't had our big day yet but really like her style and can't wait to hear her in the church. Loadsa demos on her website. Good luck with your search
starbar10 Posts: 991
We had Halleluiah Gospelchoir the were amazing! Second choice was Maynooth Gospel choir. I :heartbeat: Nikki's voice though and its a pity that shes booked out, until we decided on a gospel choir she was first pick, ended up using Nikki for makeup though. She is a girl of many talents
miss2013 Posts: 6
Thank you ladies.. I will have a look at both of them, they are both names I have not come across before!! It is a difficult thing to decide on!! O:| Any more suggestions welcome!!! O-O
wexford gal Posts: 52
Hi there, I've booked Ingrid Madsen. She has a lovely voice. Apparently she sang at Pippa O'Connor and Brian Ormand's wedding, if you like your celebrity suppliers :)
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Can't recommend Margaret Brennan ( enough. She was amazing on our day.