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FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Hi girls, Just wondering if anyone can recommend good church music in the sligo area. I had the music booked but they cancelled on me. Looking for some nice instrumental music, with or without singer. I priced one string quartet in the area but it was a bit out of our budget. Any help on this would be brilliant. :wv
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hi future mrsL there's a music college in Sligo that might be able to help you out also your local library is usually a good source of information for local musicians as they probably have a list of people that perform locally. Have you asked in your church? they should also know some local performers Siobhán
maggie m Posts: 154
hi FutureMrsL im gettin married in sligo next aug and we're havin the celticmusicagency play for the church,if you go on to there website you can listen to some samples of their music,we both love instrumental music so thats why we went with these,hope this helps