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Septbride10 Posts: 8
Hey girls, I'm just wondering if anybody knows of any good church music around that does both instrumentals as well as singing? I was thinking of getting a string quartet with a separate singer but not too sure if that is usually done or if it is possible.... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks :)
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
We had a fantastic singer for our wedding and she new a guy who played the guitar which was also brilliant. Her name is Valarie Woods you should check her out. She also learned the song i walked up the aisle too and she sang it beautifully. We couldn't compliment her more she was absolutely fantastic. hope you find what your looking for. :wv
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
where are you based septbride10? If it's Munster I can give you the names of some string groups. If you want a singer as well you can always have a string trio to keep the price down a little. Or a beautiful combination with voice is violin, cello and flute Siobhan
Septbride10 Posts: 8
Thanks a mill..Im based in Cork! The suggestion of a singer with violin, cello and flute is a great idea. It would be great if you could suggest anyone around the Cork area Siobhan, much appreciated!