Church Music: what songs have you chosen

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IsMise Posts: 142
Finding it hard to narrow down music choice or know what is appropriate for the various parts of the wedding mass. What songs have you chosen for Procession Candles Lighting Unity Candle Offertory Sign of Peace Communion Signing of Register Recessional
super excited Posts: 143
I'm having the same issue! I would love to hear some suggestions!
MM2B2013 Posts: 65
Having a string quartet and my friend is singing the reflection. Thinking of these ... Candles: Gabriel’s Oboe Unity Candle: Claire De Lune Offertory: Ave Maria (Schubert) Sign of Peace: Tabhair dom do lamh Communion: Air on G string & Nessum Dorma Reflection: The Prayer (Celine Dion) Signing the Register: Spring & For the love of a Princess (Braveheart) Recessional: Wedding march (Midsummer’s night dream) All you need is Love O:o)
Char27 Posts: 376
Mine are: Procession: Gabriels Oboe Offertory: As I kneel before you Sign of Peace; let there be peace Communion: I watch the sunrise, A Mhuire Mhathair Recessional : The Luckiest, Ben Folds Five
Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
Hi there, Were having mainly, contempory music Walking down the aisle with my dad; Butterfly kisses Responsorial; The clouds veil Lighting candles; instrumental piece Offertory; an chriost on siol Communion; Love me, colin rae and to make you feel my love, adele Signing the register; feels like home ,chantal from movie the notebook and possiblly take me to your heart(forget who sings it) Recessional; this is the tough one....still unsure!! My OH is the "music director) so im quite happy with his choices so far!!
fab2002 Posts: 178
my cousin is doing our singing for us as she is a church sinegr and the lady she does it with will be playing guitar processional: A river flows in you lighting 1st candle:canon in d psalm:having Liam Lawton's psalm but cant think of the name of it my cousin told me but i've forgot O: unity candle:this is the day offertory:?? havent decided yet have a few but not 100% my cousin suggest an irish blessing but not sure communion: cloud's veil and A Mhuire Mhathair love the prayer also register: the voyage and ?? recessional: stuck here not getting married until nxt yr so this may all change again lol
stone cold Posts: 34
Procession - Nella Fantasia Candles - Fields of gold Lighting Unity Candle Offertory - Ag Criost An Siol Sign of Peace - Tabhair Dom Do Lamh Communion - All I ask of you, Feels like Home Signing of Register - Nothing Else matters (Metallica!!) Songbird Recessional - Fly me to the moon
Lindy79 Posts: 460
Procession: Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring Candles: Same as above (instrumental) Lighting Unity Candle: Same Responsorial Psalm: As the Deer Offertory: Ag Criost An Sol Sign of Peace: Nothing Communion: Lady of Knock, The Prayer Signing of Register: My Love is like a red red rose, The voyage Recessional : Love you Till the End, The Pogues Looking at that, we went quite traditional. OH cousin and her band are doing the singing so I was happy with whatever they recommended once I had listened to the ones I didnt know.
IsMise Posts: 142
loving the music choices :heartbeat:
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
We only just sorted ours: Entrance Music: Planxty Irwin Gospel Acclamation: Seinn Alleluia Psalm: The Clouds Veil Lighting of the Candles: Planxty O'Neill/Eleanor Plunkett Offertory: Gifts of Bread and Wine Communion: Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod / Schubert Panis Angelicus - assuming we have time for two Signing of the Register: How Long Will I Love You - The Waterboys Songbird - Eva Cassidy - assuming we have time for two Recessional: Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros