church musicians v. playing cds!!

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Pash Posts: 50
Hi, maybe this sounds weird but was just wondering is everyone having musicians play live during the actual ceremony, or is anyone using a sound system?? I was at a wedding recently where there was a string quartet (which is what we planned to have) and to be honest I thought they sounded just ok ...I'd much prefer to hear the more professional versions of the songs in the church but I don't know if this is possible? I mean, ideally to have an actual sound system playing with amplifiers set up, not just a crappy cd player hidden at the back! I suppose then you'd have to have someone on hand to change the cds etc - let me know what you think? cost isnt the issue, just wondering is it maybe not the done thing?
Mumaholic Posts: 833
I was thinking about this last night too. Not having much luck with Church music/musicians so was thinkin about doing something like you said too if anyone has done this before or planning to do it??????????????
lil-star Posts: 3149
h2b and me where just discussing this.... has anyone done it? we are getting married in a big church and it may sound gammy!
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I've seen/heard it done, and I think it's a bit naff, tbh. I'm totally biased, though.
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
personally it would not be for me There is something about the acoustics in a church that makes the ceremony , a soloist, group etc, sounds better that a CD
lil-star Posts: 3149
hmmm i think your right, i just didnt know if it was the done thing... back to searching for a singer then
therightnote Posts: 40
Hi I've sung at weddings where we've also played a CD (where a particular song has meant something special to the Bride & Groom) and I have to admit the sound quality is just not the same as with live music. If you're looking for a string quartet that sounds more than ok try , or . They're all high quality musicians. Best of luck! Debbie
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
My sister played CD at hers and well to be honest unless you have someone very reliable manning the CD player, you are taking a risk, the amount of times the wrong song was played or it just wouldnt start, sis was mortified!!!! Its a risk, imo I would go with singer
Stella Bass Posts: 446
Like Token Male, I'm probably also a bit biased :-8 . Just to relate a story to you... a colleague of mine recently did a wedding where the couple insisted that a particular piece of music be played on CD for the bride walking down the aisle. (It was an unusual piece as I recall, but the quartet would have had no hesitation in learning it). Anyway on the day, the couple hadn't factored in the length of time the track played for, so the piece ran for about a minute and a half after the bride arrived at the altar. :eek At least with live musicians, we can judge the timings and shorten/round off the piece, so there's no embarrassingly long gaps! Stella
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I was at an English wedding a last year and a CD was played. Whoever was manning it didn't have it up loud enough so you could hardly hear it when the bride was walking down the aisle and afterwards it was a different song, which was a bit too loud when walking back up! Would all priests even allow CD's? Just thinking about mine, I would say he would throw a fit.