Church Singer in Limerick

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Leanne2112 Posts: 313
Hi girls, I've had a search but haven't found much. We've only just started thinking about ceremony music, can anyone recommend someone in Limerick? I've been looking at some of the Leinster based singers and the prices are terrifying me slightly, might be asking my Dad to bang out a few songs :)
Leanne2112 Posts: 313
Sorry, meant to say we'd be looking for someone more modern/folky than soprano-y :)
Sharlo Posts: 127
Hi Leanne, we have booked Nicola Maguire. Shes based in Galway but will travel and she was cheaper than any of the singers we priced in Limerick, very reasonable. We were looking for someone modern aswell and Nicola is perfect for us. Best of luck
Leanne2112 Posts: 313
Thanks a mill Sharlo! I've just mailed her, she sounds fab on her website!!