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Lulu08 Posts: 175
Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has heard of a Church singer Ruth Kelly and if anyone has any contact details for her. Looking for feedack - good or band. If not can anyone recommend a good church singer - having such a hard time trying to find one I like O:| Getting married in April in Wicklow. Any help would be great - thanks a mil O-O
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Havent heard of Ruth Kelly but can recommend Maragret Brennan - HTH
Angel! Posts: 1494
Highly recommend Edel Giblin. She has the voice of an Angel, and everyone commented on her afterwards. Talk about goosebumps when she sang Ave Maria !!!!!
fbdragon Posts: 94
Hi I just Pm'd you!
Lulu08 Posts: 175
Thanks girls, I have already emailed Margaret but havent had any response as yet - would love to hear them all though. Thanks again :thnk