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shaundow Posts: 269
Hi all Just wondering whats norm price for wedding church singer, we have this local girl and she has somebody playing the piano or guitar with her and its 250e. Is this norm? We don't really know at min but said Id ask. It seems quite good to me. She is lovely singer so we v happy to get her. Thanks all :wv
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
Thats a very good price, I would be happy to pay that. Church singers can vary in price depending in instruments etc. Majority are around €200 - €500
s wife Posts: 1445
thats a good price mine was €450 and that was with a lad that played the guitar :wv
claire sheerin Posts: 295
That's an excellent price, most singers/ musicians charge anything from €180-€300 approx each. You did a great job finding a 2-piece so cheap. And it's all the better you got a singer you like. Well done. Claire
shaundow Posts: 269
Thats great girls Thanks so much got a good deal then O-O Happy now yeah this is only young girl and she got a scholarship to college for her music & singing she v good. Thanks for that :wv