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ms organised Posts: 1069
Hi I'm wondering if anyone could help me please, what is the average price for a church singer in Dublin? We are only looking into this now and budget is getting a little tight so just want to see what kind of money we are up against. Thanks for your help. :thnk
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
You should be able to get a singer who plays the guitar for about €300, and if you just wanted like a soprano to sing with the organist, you would get one for €200. If you go to the service finder here, (it's in the suppliers directory) you can send a bulk email to all the church music supplers and the ones available on your date will come back with quotes. I can recommend Stella Bass, she is from Dublin, fab singer. Give her a try first. Most musicians supply to surrounding counties so you have lots of choice as travel is not an obstacle. Sinead
ms organised Posts: 1069
Thank you so much for your help - I didn't know about the bulk email. Thanks again! :thnk
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
No problem at all, hope it saves you time in your search!!
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
hi there get wedmusic, sorry now to steal the post i am paying €340 for a singer and organist guy, in cork for next year looking at your post now that seems a bit dear!! :eek what would your opinion be?? many thanks
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
No problem at all, hope I can clarify If it is a singer who plays the organ it is usually €300. If it is a singer and a seperate organist it is usually €400 min. Usually musicians are €200 each, so if it's 2 musicians you are getting you are doing very very well. Sinead