Church singers Kilkenny/Waterford

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smurf Posts: 755
Hi, can anyone recommend a church singer(s)/musician in either Kilkenny or Waterford? cheers
Apple Posts: 161
I am using a girl called Caroline Reid O'Brien - (051) 879958 (087) 2027444, who sings and she recommends either a organist or a flutist. There are also the McGrath Sisters - who would have been my first choice, as i know them and they are great - but as i am getting married on a Friday they couldnt do it. I'm not sure of their no. but their mum lives on St John's Hill in Waterford so if you look in the phone book or on the Eircom Phonebook site it is in it. Best of luck
smurf Posts: 755
cheers for that Apple, I'm a Friday too, so I guess that means the McGrath sisters are out for me too.
hawthorn Posts: 506
When is it? We (Encore) do Fridays during the summer and possibly at other times as well. K
smurf Posts: 755
I just PM'd you hawthorn
hawthorn Posts: 506
I just pmd you back with choir email address! K