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Chocoholic1 Posts: 164
Hi, I was wondering if any of you would have any church music recommendations.. I would love to have some classical but not all classical music and maybe a choir or singers that have a kind of celtic woman sound to them...?? I came across Sephria on this website but there doesn't seem to by many posts with feedback relating to them....anyone ever heard them? Thanks girls... *)
therightnote Posts: 40
Hi There's a few I'd recommend to clients that can do both classical and celtic: Legato Singers Margaret Brennan Stella Bass For instrumental and vocals: Sephira Astral String Quartet Good luck! Regards Debbie
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Chocoholic - where are you based? If you're in the west, Louise Harrison is excellent as a soloist (www.louiseharrison). She might be willing to travel if you asked.
80schick Posts: 209
hiya ive booked sephira for my wedding .... there sound is amazing and their lovely girls to deal with ..... if you go onto their website you can see their up and coming gigs ... next ones in the gaeity theatre at end of the month .... i may go to that myself ... i purely booked them from what i heard on their website ..... if you cant get these then try kinvara duet .... they sound brill too ... O-O