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Redpunto Posts: 224
Hoya guys - just trying to finalise my church music and I'm a bit stuck for songs for the sign of peace and the psalm as I know they have to be "religious" but not liking anything I'm hearing. Any ideas greatly appreciated :wv
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Hiya for my psalm i'm having eagles wings go to utube and type it in. and for sign of peace i'm having Walk in the Light its an upbeat song. do a search of church music on this and you'll find loads.
trice0208 Posts: 600
oh i dont have a song for the psalm, forgive if this is a stupid question but when is this? cant help with religious songs sorry, we're having harpist play the beatles a little help from my friends at the sign of peace
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Hi girls, I think the sign of peace is gone for the foreseeable future due to swine flu. No priest has done it for the last month. It is still a good idea to pick some music just in case. A nice piece for the sign of peace would be air on a g string, or Jesu Joy of mans desiring. For the Psalm you can try: Eagles wings Set your heart on the higher gifts Se Tiarna M'aoire. Hope this helps. Sinead :wv