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coolcat Posts: 118
Hey Ladies I would really like a good tenor to sing at the church. Anyone have any good contacts. I really dont mind if they have instrumental accompaniment Any suggestions appreciated
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
what part of the country are you in coolcat? I know a couple in Munster and another in Connaught if that's of any help to you! Siobhán
mrs celtickitten Posts: 877
Okay I am not sure where you are based but we booked a tenor for our wedding in Dec 2006 and he was amazing so much so that three people who were getting marreid shortly after us who attended the wedding cancelled their signers and booked him. His name is Frank Naughton and he is based in Galway city. You can arrange your own music or you can book a string quartet which really sets Franks voice off. We booked Corrib String Quartet who Frank regularly works with but you have to book them well in advacne as they are both in big demand. Let me know if this would be of interest to you and I can dig out the numbers for you or if you want search franks name on here and you will see other feedback from the other brides two and possibly the number. Good luck with the planning. Mrs C.
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
[quote="mrs celtickitten":10rtf2yo] His name is Frank Naughton and he is based in Galway city. [/quote:10rtf2yo]That's the guy from Connaught I was talking about :o0 excellent taste mrs celtickitten Siobhan
coolcat Posts: 118
Wow I a have done a bit of searching on Frank Naughton, great reviews, his voice is beautiful. He does seem a bit pricey but then you get what you pay for. I'll contact him for more details. Thanks so much for the tips it is such a huge help. I am planning my wedding from abroad so i am kinda relying on this site, so it seems, for inspiration and advice. Cheers to you all
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
coolcat - my friend Ryan might travel as far as Kilkenny - not 100% sure though but I can certainly ask him for you. He's a Welsh tenor with a beautiful voice. My boyfriend has also started a new job in Kilkenny teaching in a music college there so I can ask him if they have any male voice coaches in the college - that might be another option for you. you could also contact St Canice's Cathedral and ask them if they have any details for tenors in the area. finally - you could contact the local department for arts in Kilkenny and theyusually havea list of local performers - I'll dig out their website for you. If you want me to ask Ryan for you just let me know and I can pass his details to you Siobhán
coolcat Posts: 118
Hi Siobhan Do you think Ryan would charge alot for travel. I suppose if you give me the contact i can check him out. I didn't think to ask St Canices Cathedral thats a great tip, you've certainly given me alot to get on with. Any details you can forward would be appreciated Thanks again for your help here. :thnk
marianf Posts: 5845
Hi Coolcat. We are getting married in Kilkenny and using Brendan McCarthy. You will find his details on this site as he is a listed supplier. HTH
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hey coolcat - just sending you Ryan's details now. Travel charge - I just don't know. I doubt he'd charge too much - when I charge for travel it's just to cover petrol costs but I know some people do charge a lot for travel. Best plan is just to ask him and see what he comes back with. A lot of people don't think about asking in the churches but we're often asked by the sachristans to leave a card with them so you never know. It's a gorgeous cathedral by the way. I sang there a few years ago with the Irish Youth Choir. There's also Brendan McCarthy from Waterford - not sure if he travels or not you also try the people that run the Kilkenny Arts Festival - they might point you in the direction of a local tenor Best of luck Siobhan
summer09 Posts: 807
I'm having Frank!!! One of the first things I booked!!!! xxxx