Churches near Barberstown castle?

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AP Posts: 254
Hello! I booked my venue on Saturday for Barberstown Castle :o)ll Very exciting! Can anyone tell me what churches are there nearby - I really want a proper old fashioned church - stained glass windows etc. Any suggestions? Would be happy to travel within about 20 mins of Barberstown Thanks!
stompy9 Posts: 227
Congratulations on booking Barberstown - same as me! My church is in Dublin though... Straffan has a church although I havn't been inside, otherwise Celbridge or Maynooth. If you ask Barberstown they should be able to tell you the names?
WonderWol Posts: 2927
Yep Straffan, Clane, Maynooth or Celbridge .......
Pudner Posts: 480
Im getting married in Straffan church. Its beautiful but quite small, but you wanted something a bit bigger, the one in Celbridge is also very beautiful and quite grand... they are both in the same parish so the priest can give you info on them. Or give the sacrasten (sp?) a call. His name is Miles Cullen and he's very helpful. PM me and I'll give you his number. Congrats on Barberstown, Im a Barberstown bride too! Come over over to the Barberstown brides thread and meet the rest of us!!
DSVB Posts: 57
There is a lovely church called Lady Chapel which is out in the country and not far from Barberstown Castle. I think it falls into the Maynooth diocese so you could contact the priests there.
AP Posts: 254
Thanks all for the info! We did look at Lady Chapel, but I didn't fancy the side entrance on it. The church in Straffan is quite modern inside. We quite liked the one in Celbridge itself, but I really fancy the idea of a traditional country church. Am I mad being put off by the side entrance in Lady Chapel? Anyone got thoughts on this? Thanks!
Poohead Posts: 193
hi I'm getting married in Ladychapel and think it's lovely. The side entrance is fine for me as you still have a walk up the full length of the aisle, its a typical country church if thats what you are after. I think its much more traditional than Straffan. Clane church is nice but in the middle of the town. Good luck with decision
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
We're in the same boat as Aisling_K: Celbridge is our local church but a small historic country church would be ideal. We hope to have 85-100 guests. Straffan is too modern for us - it's a concrete modern church rather than an old grey stone building. We're off this afternoon to hunt down two country churches people mentioned to us but I don't know the names of them, just the directions. Maybe one of them will be the one for us! We looked at the church on the Maynooth campus but it's closed for renovations. Also one problem in Kildare is that many of the old pretty churches are Church of Ireland, and we're looking for Catholic!
AP Posts: 254
Welys, how did you get on? I also went church hunting at the weekend - what country churches did you look at? My short list is now St Mary's in Maynooth, St Coca's in Kilcock, St Patrick's in Celbridge. I really thought finding a nice little catholic church in Ireland would be the easiest job in the world!!!
Goosey Posts: 387
Hi, We;re booked into Naas the night before the wedding as are most of our guests. Would it be a long drive from Naas to the Lady Chapel or would straffon be better for us? We are from Sydney so don't have a clue!!!! Thanks