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CalamityJane Posts: 783
I'm sorry, I know this sounds cruel, but every time I'm watching the news and he comes on I want to punch the telly. His voice is so incredibly head-wrecking. No idea how he got that job.
jan8 Posts: 554
trying to place him i'm more a radio person!! does he at least say news and not "nooze"? that drives me fe*kin demented....
CalamityJane Posts: 783
Ha, I think he says 'nooze' Jan. I don't watch the RTE news every day, but he seems to do some sort of report every time I watch it. He just sounds so dopey.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
haha yep, he's seriously annoying. My OH does in impression of him anytime he sees him on the telly, makes me want to punch him too hehe
Doll Posts: 525
Guys, you never know who is lurking here. He is my brother in law but don't worry I not offended. Some ppl annoy ppl. Have to say though he has worked very hard to get where he is.
CalamityJane Posts: 783
Doll, no offence intended - as I stated at the start, I didn't mean to sound cruel. I just find him very difficult to listen to and he seems to be the only reporter (out of every station) who gets on my nerves. I'm sure he's a lovely man and I'm sure RTE gave him a job for a reason, but I just don't think he sounds as professional as the rest of them. Just my own personal opinion though. As I said, no offence meant.
Doll Posts: 525
As I said fancypants. I'm not offended. I think its just mad who can be reading these posts. Charlie Bird used to do my nut it and everyone used to rave about him.
CalamityJane Posts: 783
Yeah, you never know who's reading what. Have to be careful :-8
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Nah, Gerry Ryan, now that's an annoying fella!I'm allergic. He drives me up the wall >:o(
gillette Posts: 1803
I think wollies we are all forgetting the key issue which was the hat that paul cunningham wore on the nine o'clock news last night. Apparently there's already a facebook group set up called "I love paul cunningham's winter hat". It's been described as looking like a floppy baker hat, a hat worn by wee willie winkie and a hat worn by the Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan (by a clearly very well travelled blogger). Take a look -