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mrsmcduck Posts: 300
Just wondering if any of you use Marviol & how you find it? I was on Cilest for over 6 years but was getting breakthrough bleeding for the last year so doc. changed me to Marviol. Never had weight or mood problems with Cilest & just hoping now that I won't get side-effects from Marviol.....
MissusW Posts: 330
Hi there, I cant comment on Cilest but I was changed from Mercilon to Marviol because I had breakthrough bleeding. I dont think its a particularly strong pill because I was told the only reason for breakthrough bleeding is if there isnt enough oestrogen(sp?) in your body. I was put on marviol to boost my hormone levels?? Havent had any problems on it at all!
mrsmcduck Posts: 300
That's good to hear Weezie, thanks.
snoopy08 Posts: 404
I use Marviol also. No problems with it either. :wv